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Facebook Reach Generator

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I haven’t blogged here for awhile, something I am very keen to change in 2012, but for those who don’t know I do blog every other day (if not every day) on my football blog though.

But today I felt compelled to blog again, and that’s because I came across new Facebook advertising package “The Reach Generator”.

As we all know, Facebook ads tend to have a low click through, especially the basic link ads. What we also know is that as a Facebook Page we never reach 100% or even 30% of those who like our page.

That’s why Reach Generator is a very interesting prospect for brands and organisations.

In a nutshell Reach Generator allows advertisers to pay Facebook on an on going basis rather than the CPC or CPM model. Once switched on Reach Generator (and Facebook) guarantees a 75% reach of one story every day, over a month long period.

Apparently Ben and Jerry’s have been using this and they were able to reach 98% of their Facebook which is pretty astounding.

There is little more information at the moment, but what an opportunity for brands to reach even more people. Some may be cynical and say but we should be able to reach everyone who likes us, and yes I can see the point of view, but at the same time we know the game and we need to play it. It is also worth noting that the more engaged your page is, with better content, the more likely you are to reach more of your fan base too.

The only documentation on Facebook’s site I can find is a PDF of basic Reach Generator info but I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I also agree with as @BenAyers that you need scale and backing for it to work, which makes me think that the best use will be for big launches, big campaigns (like @TheBHF Vinnie Jones CPR anyone?) and brands with big existing reach.

The price? Not sure yet…


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