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Works for mashable….

Well I guess here is where you learn a bit more about me…

I live in East London and  I have worked in the media, the Football industry and now in the Third Sector.

I love social media, gadgets, technology, sports, fashion and food and wine, and have an opinon on most things digital and social.

So a more detailed background…

I did Sport Science and Liverpool John Moore’s University (top for sport science research in UK) and worked at some elite football clubs, Everton, Preston North End and some less elite football clubs like Marine FC.

I then decided to move my attentions to Journalism and digital content. I did a Masters in Online Journalism at Sheffield University, from here I got involved in charities and have worked on a number of charity sites since, most recently   at the British Heart Foundation (@thebhf) as Community and Social Media Manager, previously I was Online Content Manger @thebhf for Young peoples output and websites.  If you would like a detailed CV check out my portfolio site. 

I hope that you all enjoy this blog and all views are only mine and do not represent anyone that I work for, please do let me know if you agree ot disagree with any of my posts. I do love a debate!

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