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Magntize – really hot online business card

Posted on (obviously spelt with no “i”) was brought to my attention by the excellent Zee from the Next Web website ( The site is super easy to use and is a nice shop window for all the sites you use in one place – the perfect online business card.


You can go “pro” for $9 a month at the startup level and I think the free version is a great effort. The interface is super easy to set up and the standard templates are really great to look at.


Not much to it, but they do it well. I am a big fan – and its another piece of the social media landscape to put a RK flag in:)


I am also loving but not had a go at that yet.


Try it out – magntize is free and super easy!

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I mange social media and online communities at the BHF. Lover of digital and social media, football, fashion and food.

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  1. Thanks so much for the review Robert. We appreciate people spreading the word!

  2. Thanks for the post, we will post your business card article.I will post for

    our customers to see your articles on your blog.
    business cards

  3. Thanks for reading. Feel free to link to this for sure.


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