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Coca-Cola Camp Lets Teens Update Facebook Profiles in Real Life

Saw this at a conference and it is interesting to see that more companies are starting to think about the platform and not just let us update our Facebook profile as a marketing channel. Also interesting is the offline complementing the online which again is something I firmly believe in (for the moment).

At the same time, rather scary that so much data of teens who obviously are excited and (on a sugar rush?) being monitored 24/7 – if they choose to be of course…

I think the tech is obviously expensive and for a big brand this may be a useful way of engaging offline and online. But I think there may be something in it for small brands and Non profits too. Maybe not now but for the future.


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  1. Thank you for writing this post. It’s really a brilliant way for Coca Cola to engage their consumers.

    I agree that this probably is very expensive to execute. Although, I think – like so many other types of technology like the calculator, computer, and DVD player – when they first hit the market, they are really expensive, but the prices eventually come down. Perhaps if this happens with the technology used in your video clip it might become more acceptable to small businesses.

    • Hi Laura – thanks for your comment. It wasn’t my video as such but something that I found. Interesting nonetheless!

      Thanks for your comment – interesting way to engage customers for sure.

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