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Experience: Double speed ahead…?

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I have been thinking about writing this post for awhile and finally I have some time that I can sit down and write consistently I thought I would.

The key point of the blog that I am going to discuss is “Can you gain experience quicker working in the online industry than another?”
I do think that in the online space you can gain experience a lot quicker than in an offline environment. It reminds me of online poker v bricks and mortar poker players. (Bare with me here..).

Online poker players can play thousands of hands an hour if they play online as they use online software that means they get dealt cards every single second. Offline poker players who had played for years could not even think about playing that amount of cards in a week let alone a few hours. The online poker players therefore gained the experience of a 20 year career inside 6-12 months. It changed the game.

I think there are similarities from online working and the online poker players. Using twitter, reading blogs, getting involved in communities has meant that you can gain and learn a fantastic amount in a real short period of time. I do work on an online role and my job interests and personal interests are similar, maybe I am lucky in that situation.

I know some of you will now think: “Yes, but it isn’t a deep knowledge and understanding of the topics.” I can understand this point of view, and I think it might be true in terms of some topics. I couldn’t for example, learn the ins and outs of financial management in one sitting, but I can learn how audiences use communities, or what a community manager’s every day life is like. I can even learn how 116 of the biggest companies in the world manage their social media. I could never have done that 5 years ago, I couldn’t have done that 18 months ago.

With the increasing amount of data that is being opened up we are going to have even more information than ever. At the NMA Young People and Social Media conference I went to a few months ago a speaker from an online data firm said we will collect more data this year than in our entire history. That is in itself amazing.

Sure, this might be information overload I think for some-one of my generation it means that we can gain a hell of a lot of experience in shorter amounts of time. That has to be exciting. What other space other than the online space could you learn so much, so quickly?

From a career point of view this excites me greatly. It surely makes me more employable? The old adage that you can’t get a job without experience, but can’t get experience without a job might become a thing of the past…then again, maybe not.

Then again, maybe I am typical of the “now society” where I want to learn and consume as much as physically possible without learning anything. There is maybe some truth in that, I find it really hard to read books these days, though I have been able to quite easily on a break that I have just been on with no computer or mobile phone to distract me.

I for one am really excited that I can get as much experience and knowledge as I can in a short amount of times. What do you think? Am I a 100% wrong and missing the point?

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I mange social media and online communities at the BHF. Lover of digital and social media, football, fashion and food.

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