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The curious case of Matthew Robson

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The world, or rather the readers of the Guardian and Morgan Stanley, seems to have gone a little bit crazy over a boy called Matthew Robson.

If you don’t know the ins and outs visit the Guardian site or read the “study”.

Ok. So for those who know I thought I would talk about what this means for people who manage young peoples websites.

I think that the hysteria of comments from the Guardian readers overlooks a very important phrase in the article. Morgan Stanley employee says “It’s an interesting starting point for debate.” I agree. Let us be honest, its is a great PR story for Morgan Stanley – it’s a nice little anecdotal piece of work and the points he made were valid and honest.

But nothing we didn’t already know, well nothing anyone with half an interest in online and young people’s habits didn’t know.

What it might be is a great opportunity to build some virtual personas. Like with any age group or generation there are different types of audience. Matthew Robson is the first persona of (a very specific Morgan Stanley interning for god’s sake persona) his generation/age group.  Lets work on the other personas – maybe we can get a good segmentation of that generation (generally) and that would be of great use (especially as I plan to do that for the sites I mange).

So if anyone reads this, what persona’s can we work on next? We have Matthew Robson. Who is the next persona?

Good bye for now. Sorry about the lack of entries, turns out starting a great new job and moving flat’s leaves you with less time than one would imagine!

N.B – Just a quick note, I think its obvious from the report but TV is going to slowly evolve (die) in the way that it is scheduled and watched. But that might be the most obvious thing said on wordpress since Obvious McObviouson started blogging

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